24 years and nothin to show for it

My wife said I have to quit smoking.I guess it can cause problems. The deadline was the birth of our child. Since March 24th is coming sooner than later, I decided it was time. I called my doctor,made an appointment, and picked up a script for Chantix.
We weren’t sure how much is was going to cost, I was nervous arriving at the Pharmacy. I downloaded a coupon from the Chantix site, $30 off. Here’s my favorite argument: “Think of all the money you will save” Yes, you are correct. Except when I buy a few days worth of cigarettes, I only have to cough up[pun intended] $20-maybe $25 bucks a shot. Buying the script was $120 up front. My wife checked the budget, and since she cut off the Jameson, we had some $$ set aside.

I picked up the Rx on a Tuesday eve, started taking it on the next day. I didn’t actually stop smoking that day. You are told to keep your habit for a week. The following Wednesday I had 3 cigs all day. The next day-Thursday-I also curbed it to 3 all day. On Friday, I didn’t have any. I have made it through 4 days without a cigarette. I don’t think I have gone 1 whole day without one, maybe a sick/flu day here or there. So, after almost 24 years I am making more progress than ever.

I don’t really notice any side effects, aside from, irritability- but I am always irritable, so thats normal,maybe a heightened ringing of the ears.

By soundguyrob

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