Score Another One For Apple.

Big announcement today-well, not really an announcement- Apple displayed the new line of MacBook Pros. They are still listing the plain old plastic MacBook, surprise there with the Airs and the 13″ Pro only a few hundred more with loads of power. I predict they will burn up the Core 2 Duo chips and discontinue the plastic ‘book.  It seems nowadays, you really can’t operate a machine with less than 4gb of RAM, with programs like Adobe CS5 & VMware (With a virtual Win7 in Boot Camp) eating up all of your power. Seeing all models ship with 4gb standard, really shows Apple is ahead of the curve. [Note, if you want to upgrade to the max of 8gb, it’s around $109 at either OWC or New Egg ]






So, how frickin cool is Thunderbolt? I was so excited last year at this time. I bought my new 13″ right off the shelf at a box store. I had an old 80gb desktop storage drive leftover from my old G4 running Tiger via Firewire 400. So when I brought my new 13″ home with Firewire 800-I had to use the USB to load my old iTunes or find a 400-800 adaptor. Eventually I found a 1TB Firewire 800 drive at New Egg. I made this my Time Machine. NOW, if I had a new MacBook Pro, I would have to buy a whole new drive! Well, maybe not:

you can use existing USB and FireWire peripherals — even connect to Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks — using simple adapters. via

10gb per second….Funny to think that my old G4 came factory with 40gb. I could back up the entire contents-if full-in 4 seconds? I gotta see this.  The whole thing makes me wonder how long until Apple just buys Intel? Government would probably call Monopoly on them. Man I would love to use my little 13″ with an i7 processor. The alleged Turbo Boost looks interesting.

Heres a great shot from the site:

Wonder who takes all of these great pics for their site?









Also released today was a beta of 10.7. to anyone in the developer ranks. The guys over at Macstories posted a handful of screenshots here. I noticed one thing right away, it looks as if they have taken all of the color out of the GUI. It almost seems a little plain to me. Theres nothing I like more than seeing a bunch of colorful icons asking me to click or look here. Maybe it was only the beta. A poster commented that by seeing the OS’ capabilities and the effort put into it, that it was most def a full price upgrade. I would probably agree, no $29.99 upgrade from 10.6.6-or wherever we are at release.  Well, I am off to prepare for chinese food, my wife is officially 9 months pregnant today and I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 3 weeks. Thats fine, but I’d sure like a Jameson soon.

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