Mac OS X Lion Screen Shots

I took 50gb of open space on my main drive, and loaded a .dmg of Lion. I will say that it runs and acts a lot like Snow Leopard, but it also acts nothing like 10.6. I’d have to agree with some smart guys, this “update” is not an update. This is a new OS, kinda like going from Vista to W7-only the beta of Lion works better than the final of vista. Sorry, had to throw the MS jab in there. My mostly visual post here will show a few screen shots with minimal banter from your host.

Full screen Safari window

Launchpad, nothing new here-this is all the rage on the net. It is kinda neat to hit a hot corner and all of your apps (and folders of apps) is available


Apple Mail client received a makeover. I like the old one-luckily, you can switch back if you like. Gone are the colorful icons. Think iTunes 10 when the whole world was in an uproar. Heres my main bitch about the mail: NO MYRIAD FONT! WTF! I finally have my mail and fonts the way I like them, I like nice visual, modern fonts and they cooched it. Theres also a full screen mode available here.

The "About This Mac" screen got a make-over along with the add of more visual descriptions for non-nerds.


The next few are the other menu choices in About This Mac:

Battery info, easy to check



Quick click to pdf user guides

How frickin cool is this?

The more-square-pop-ups


The little Pop-up windows kind-of materialize, gone are the old rounded buttons and windows. Cosmetically-aside from the colorless icons, this is the biggest change I see in the 3-4 hours of noodling.

Here’s the bad news:

We're gonna need a bigger boat


The 8gb of RAM in my little 13 was smoked. Not sure if this is due to the beta. I was running AppleMail, Safari and Activity Monitor.

Thats it for now, It’s past my bedtime.


By soundguyrob

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