I’m a dad now…

My beautiful wife gave birth to a happy, healthy 7lb 6oz baby girl 3 weeks ago. I was hoping after the birth I would understand the importance of the weight. Seriously, do we make judgements and assumptions based on a babies weight? I mean really people, have we not progressed as a society?
Shan has been home for the last 2.5 weeks alone trying to figure out how to juggle being mom and housemom. I know we are old and stuff but explain how you leave your sleeping baby on a couch while you run in the next room to pee, dry hair, feed 4-legged child(dog/cat) or just grab something. This proves especially hard when you are a worry-wart.

So this whole fatherhood thing is awesome. My wife is an amazing mother, she rules that child’s eyes with every word or movement. I am proud to call her my wife. I knew when we spoke about it that she would be a great mother and as usual I was right. For once. The little things I fuck up but the important things seem to seep into my brain.

Looking forward to everyday with my daughter. It seems like a new thing every day. Shannon fills me in on new events via email, instant messenger, and phone everyday. I don’t know how parents got by w/o these social communication options? My older brother has like 16 kids and travels a lot for his gig. His wife takes perfect care of their awesome kids and he doesn’t miss a beat. This internet is amazing. I am glad we waited.

Almost lost my dog in the process. She loves her daddy and likes her mommy. Since daddy seems preoccupied with the new, small hooman, she doesn’t seem to understand. This prompted a handful of aggressive actions against momma and daddy.
Luckily Shan had a change of heart and we get to keep our original little girl.

Here’s the part anyone has been waiting for:
DSC 0769 0016
DSC 0771 0014

There you go. Love my girls.

By soundguyrob

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