Random musings OR- I’m running out of Whiskey

Here it is 11:30 on a Friday night, and my wife and baby are sound asleep in bed. Thats all right, I’d rather have them resting than crying. I was sitting here enjoying some Irish Whiskey and HBO, specifically a show called Treme. In case you don’t pay the Comcast fee for CATV, Treme is a show based around a handful of New Orleans Katrina survivors. Usually musicians. They have added in performances of the actors with actual New Orleans players.
My favorite thing about the show, whenever they show a band, they are usually playing in some bar like the Alley Cat in Broad Ripple. There isn’t a stage, no drum riser, no massie lighting rig with moving lights and hydraulic trussing. No P.A. with 6 dual 18″ sub boxes and flown line array tops. In fact, I rarely even see A speaker. monitor(Foldback) or FOH. So, either the people are so drunk in New Orleans, or they just don’t fucking care. Looking forward to someday living down there and being one of the “I don’t care” people. I miss the days of people enjoying the music as if they haven’t heard it in years. I wish I would have taken up the offer back in 2004 to work at the House Of Blues.
Our baby is growing by the second. At the time write this, she’ll have turned 9 weeks the day before, up to 13 lbs, and looks at me like I’m #1. RF

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