I found a new free theme I like

Nerdy and Mac-y at the same time. Looking at the paid themes is exhausting. My main problem is fonts. I have this annoying OCD over fonts. When I send an email to a colleague and receive a reply, it’s generally transposed my Myriad Web Pro to Times Roman-whatever. I can’t look at this. It seriously unnerves me more than anything in this world. (Well, maybe not ANYTHING but, ) 

I’ve been actually reading the Steve Jobs Biography– Listened to the audiobook at work-while working. Reading about his obsessiveness over cast molding marks and hues of  blacks is understandable. But for me, its visual. I can build a fence, and not care about the portion no one can see. But, when I see a website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years or a band flyer using Office 2003 crappy theme or layouts (usually shared on Facebook) I want to smack the creator of said document. 

I guess it’s all about taste and opinion. 

By soundguyrob

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