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Tech Purchaser at home integration firm. Learning MAC OS X development on my own via a pile of epub books, friends and the interwebs. My lovely wife and I are expecting a baby girl March/2011. Feel free to email with any advice.

I spent 18-19 years mixing live music for [mostly] rock and dance bands. Indiana had a large circuit of cover bands, bars and theaters that supported this format. Around 2008, this dried up and so did my enthusiasm for doing this for a living. While working days at a Pro Audio retailer/installer, a friend and his 2 partners asked if I would like to learn their industry. Suddenly I found myself working on million dollar homes with touch panels, control systems and a big CPU in the basement. The work has moved deep into lighting control, home access and web based monitoring.

I bought my first mac in 2006, a 12″Powerbook G4 from a friend who purchased a new intel iMac. I currently use an over the counter 13″ MacBook Pro. I upgraded the HD to a 500gb-7200rpm. I also swapped out the stock 2gb RAM, for 8gb. It isn’t the most advanced laptop in the world, but it’s better than anything I use on a daily basis. Also, The 2006 iMac my friend purchased? He sold it to my employers a couple of years ago. It was sitting dormant so I grabbed it, loaded VMware Fusion, WinXP and the software my employer uses for inventory and payables. (Filemaker6 and Quickbooks 2006)


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