How Much Will 10.7 Cost or, Will Apple get my entire Tax refund?

Looking into spending my refund on three things this year.
1. My Mobile Me membership dues are up, I was hoping Apple was going to make this a free option by now. That big server farm in NC? Thats probably for people to put their music on a cloud. Thats just great. I pay for an Email account but some douche bag gets to store his/her entire lady gaga discography in a cloud.
2. iPhone 5. I bought the iPhone4 the week it was available. It was shipped to me 3 days before my honeymoon. Therefore I know the date. July 09. So, hopefully I will be up for another phone in July. Lets hope they release the 5 by then. Not 2 months later, and I have an iPhone4.
3. Lion, or 10.7 update. I have no clue, but i’m sure it will be available in the new app store. I can’t do the pirate route here. Microsoft, I don’t care, I’ll pirate- but I have all Apple software, minus Remote Desktop. (May see that shortly when boss installs Mac server at office?) You just can’t steal from Steve. Or, get what you pay for.Apple black logo wallpaper