Another Run On Sentence Post

I have another post for the fun of dumb asses everywhere.

Then when something is used off a van it needs to be associated to a job and documented on a work order and then you would need to replace that item so that the next time you need that same item you are prepared and have it and thus we want to eliminate any return trips to a job because a van stock item was missing or forgot to be re-stocked from the last time you used it

This is a real sentence-I didn’t add or remove any punctuation. This was the second of two in an email. Do people even read over what they have posted before they send?


Run On Sentence Douchery

Here is a new segment here at SoundGuyRob. I recently parted ways with a coworker that liked to send emails. long winded, know-it-all type of emails. he liked to point out everyones mistakes, and proudly pronounce the he “is a college graduate” and “we don’t understand how to run a business”. Well guess what asshole, I am blogging all of your non-sensical emails. I will change names but only names. I promise not to embellish or augment any of the posts.

Heres the first one. I have an entire text edit page full of these.

I don’t recall where we are with completion of the 5 new units and thus asked the guys to confirm this or you can look through QB to determine which are complete and how many are left to complete so that you can give Rob an accurate count on the parts below to order so that we don’t have to go back for additional trips due to the guys not having the material they need to complete.

Thats good enough for now. Enjoy.