Saturday Night Is Alright For Fighting

I was sitting here on a warmer-but windy- Saturday evening in Central Indiana. If you really frickin care: Indianapolis. Small suburb on the edge, our mailing address is Indianapolis, but we pay taxes to a ‘burb. Works out pretty good, I don’t get categorized as living in yuppie hell on paper, and still do.
It’s been an eventful couple of days. I was saddened to see footage of the largest Earthquake Japan has seen in 600 years*. My wife’s grandfather was shocked and said so. I guess I should explain why we were a little shocked at this: Gpa will be 91 years old in a couple of weeks. He was born in 1920, served in the Pacific with an elite Army regiment. He joined after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. (He joined the new Air Force after being released from the Army and ended up a lifer and retiring Master Sargent)
So for him to say something about Japan, was a mild surprise-BUT, not really. The guy is a great human being. He just lacks the built in editor most of us have. I decided to throw a jab since he didn’t. I asked if Fox News blamed the earthquake on Obama. He didn’t catch it, and my wife kicked me under the table.
Fast forward to the later part of the day. The Wife is due to drop the baby girl in less than two weeks. She was moving around the couch, trying to find the most comfortable spot, and wondering if every little pain she felt was the start of her contractions. We are getting impatient with this whole baby thing! Its time for our baby.
She went to bed at 10 as usual. I found a broadcast of the “In Session: Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan” I have probably listened to this recording 350 times. I have never actually seen the video footage. Maybe tried to watch a song or two on YouTube, but I hate watching long things on YouTube. The video quality pisses me off, and the audio is generally worse.
I always get sad when I see SRV in the flesh. You can tell he was probably somewhat of a decent guy. I know 3 people personally that have met and worked with him, and said nothing but nice things. Except for one, he is a big basketball fan and bragged how he always beat Stevie in horse if there was a basket near the gig. I should also mention he is 6’6″. I think Stevie toppped out around 5’5″? He said Stevie sucked at basketball.
It’s quite frightening to hear the energy coming from each note. The guitar actually sounds like it is begging for him to stop pushing it to its structural limits. Every string bend, every snap of the high E to emphasize the shriek of the note. [Paul Holdman taught me how he does this; SRV would hide the pick in his right hand, instead of using a pick, he would grab the string with two fingers or tuck them behind the string and SNAP it!] So the circle of life goes around, No more Stevie Ray Vaughan or Albert King. No more northern farmlands in Japan.
A little girl will come into our lives any day now.