Font Values and More Mac OS X Banter

I have been on a mission to solve an issue with my work computing. First of all, I hate goofy fonts. I finally found the setting in MarsEdit to allow me the font in WordPress. This post is a test of that setting.

Second. The older iMac at work-(2006) is fully functioning now. I found a way to make Parallels6 run the 2 programs from the windows XP drive. 1 is a filemaker database and proposal program called Simply Reliable Sytems, which links to our Quickbooks program for actually paying the bills.

The main problem was here: Quickbooks will only run on XP. Filemaker will run on either platform. My larger Gmail address was clogging up any version of MS Outlook. I need to link the Quickbooks to Filemaker, and be able to copy/paste info from Outlook to filemaker-vice-versa. Parallels has a setting deep inside that fixed this. I was also able to create shortcuts to the BootCamp Partition. This allowed me to paste the program shortcuts and server shortcuts to the desktop in OS X.

Apple fixed apple mail a few months back, it now works with Gmail IMAP account. It is so much better and faster than Outlook.  all the rules for all my folders are working and MobileMe is a big help in this area.