Alphabetize Your Bookmarks

So I like to save bookmarks to webpages. I usually save them in a subcategory in my Safari Bookmarks. I will show you a neat trick to alphabetize your list.
In case you googled this and found your way here- this is what I am talking about:

The arrows show the usage of a folder with a drop-down list. Now the problem with this was always the scrolling thru a long list,looking for-say-Comcast to pay my bill. So after some googling an obvious fix was found. This isnt something Apple will offer and it wont harm your data as long as you follow the steps.

First, open your safari browser. Then you’ll need to find your bookmarks page:

Click the Show All Bookmarks setting. The next page should look like this:
Now, on the left hand side,at the top, tell the page to show you the correct list. You’ll see the ‘folders’ listed vertically below. Heres the simple/obvious solution: All you have to do, is drag the ‘folder’ on to your desktop and reorganize your list.
Step3It’s not easy to tell by my screen capture, bt I am dragging the folder labeled MAC on to my desktop. At this point, I will open it in Finder:
Step4I then right click or Command click inside the finder window, scroll to Sort By-choose Name.
Close the window. Then, go back to the Safari bookmarks page, right click the folder and delete it: FinalNow, after you have deleted the old folder, grab the sorted version off of your desktop, and drag it back on to the screen where your folder originally resided. How frickin easy was that? g